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Why We Need Your Life Story.

I'm back, Kim from Lust Aesthetics, the only place to have your Brows & Waxing seen to on the Sunshine Coast!

You may be thinking to yourself when booking, "Why the Client Information Form?"

And it may seem to be like we are being sticky beaks. I assure you, that's not what it is.

There's so many factors when it comes to Waxing and performing treatments. We want you to get the Best Outcome and the most out of your treatment.

So we ask things like "do you wear contacts?", this is so we can inform you that you need to remove them prior to getting tinting in the eye area. Last thing you want is tint stuck between your contact and your eyeball. Trust me when I say, that's the opposite of fun!

If there are ever any questions you aren't comfortable answering, let us know. We can explain why we need that information, and come up with a suitable solution.

And just know, the only people that ever see this info are employees of Lust Aesthetics. We never pass your private information on to anyone.

- Kim x

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