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Hi I'm Kim & Welcome to Lust Aesthetics!

Lust Aesthetics is a home based Waxing & Beauty Salon located in the Harmony Estate Palmview / Sippy Downs, QLD.

My mission is to enhance your natural beauty for timeless, effortless style. We aren't all carbon copies of each other, let me help you celebrate your uniqueness. Lust is a place for you to be pampered and feel their most beautiful self!

I specialise in Brow Shaping and Lash Lifts. I believe in customising your brows to suit your face shape & colouring. And creating Sky High Lashes, using your own natural lashes, that last approximately 6 weeks and requires minimal aftercare. 

For those needing body waxing, those services are also available, from Brazilian Waxing, to Leg Waxing and Facial Waxing.

You can expect a thorough consultation prior to any treatment to ensure you get the most out of your treatment. You will be treated in a private and relaxing environment. Using only the best Salon Exclusive products. Ensuring treatments which are gentle on your body, particularly on sensitive areas.

In salon, there is a high focus on the treatments being safe for you and whether they suit your needs. I will always be honest with you as to whether I think a service will suit you, your body and skin type, and lifestyle. 

In 2017 I undertook intensive training in Waxing & Tinting, completing my certificate at Beauty Therapy College of Australia. Where I learned not only the procedure of waxing, but how to perform it safely and hygienically for my clients.  

In January 2019, I completed a Henna Brow Course with the market leader in Salon Brow Henna - Fox Cosmetics. Where I learned more in depth knowledge on skin, the henna application and styling process, and who henna is and isn't suited to. 

As of April 2019, I am trained in Classic and Hybrid Lash Extensions.  With a strong will and desire to learn the best application and safety for my clients, I sought out the Leader in Lash Extensions Education - Mandy Jeffery, of Australian Lash and Brow Artists. 

I am constantly educating myself, taking part in Professional Groups giving feedback to other newer artists, and also picking up tricks and tips to become a better artist. 

Now that we have established your needs, let's chat appointment times. I know we are all busy people. Who even has time to make a phone call anymore? When there's little humans (or your Boss) on your case.

I know I always remember to book appointments or organise something is right before I'm about to go to bed!

So I have included an online booking system as part of my website. This is the best, most up to the minute way to find out what appointment times are available. No more with the back and forth for days waiting for replies, or having someone else swoop in and claim your precious time slot. Just a couple of clicks, and your pamper time is secured!

So what are you waiting for? Click the Book Now button, or give us a call to chat about your needs. 

With Kindness, 

Kim xx


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