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Let's Chat Sensitivities & How This Effects BeautyTreatments.

Hey there! It's Kim from Lust Aesthetics, your favourite Beauty Gal for your Brows, Lashes & Waxing needs on the Sunshine Coast!!!

I just wanted to have a chat today about how your sensitivities to certain things, can be a contraindication to some beauty treatments.

I have two examples of clients that have come in recently to give you an idea.

Client 1: Hayfever.

So what you say, hayfever, big deal, yeah take a zyrtec, and you're done. What does this have to do with beauty treatments?

Henna, my friend.

If you have hayfever, you shouldn't have a treatment containing Henna. Why? Because Henna is a plant and type of grass. So you're going to be walking around with essentially a form of plant on your eyebrows, and constantly sneezing and reacting to it.

Best to stick to standard tinting in this case.

Client 2: Hairspray Allergy.

Again, what does hairspray have to do with beauty treatments?

Lash Extensions! Or anything that uses glue!

Basically, theres two components to hair spray. The polymer (glue - what makes hair spray hold), and the propellant (what makes the hair spray spray out of the can).

We didn't know which of the main two ingredients the client was allergic to. If she was allergic to the polymer component, she would react and have sensitivities to the glue used in lash extensions, the glue in lash lifts, the tape used to hold the lashes in place. Basically anything with a glue.

How do we find out if its the glue part the client is allergic to?

We Patch Test!!!

Patch Testing takes 10 minutes and can save a lot of heart ache. Although NOT always a definitive answer, it can give us a very good idea. If the client reacted to the patch test, we know not to go ahead with the procedure. If they don't react, we go ahead with caution. Performing a small set first and checking for reactions and removing them if needed.

How do I know all this. I was educated WELL by outstanding trainers. I continue to educate myself on the effects of treatments and clients. and most importantly - CONSULTATION. Every client fills out a Client Information Form and has a thorough consult prior to any treatment. So we can do our best to cater to your individual needs!

So thats my little rant about your sensitivities and how it can effect your beauty treatments. If you feel like you haven't been consulted in the past and are worried about trying other treatments, please get in touch. I'm always happy to chat and let you know the best course of action for you!

Later Babes!

- Kim xx

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