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Will Waxing My Facial Hair Make It Grow Back Dark and Thicker?

We've heard it before, time and time again.

"For every hair you pluck, three sisters will come to its funeral", "Don't wax your facial hair, it'll come back darker". So is there actual some merit to this? Or is it all bullshit?

So first off, you need to know there's a few different types of hairs.

  1. Lanugo - which is the fine little hairs that can present on babies when they're first born and are generally shed within weeks of birth.

  2. Vellus Hairs - commonly known as Peach Fuzz, these are the little blonde hairs that can grow on your face, chest, back. Vellus hair feels fine and fluffy.

  3. Terminal Hairs - These are the hairs that are thick and visible. Think head hair, brow hair, lashes.

So, can Vellus Hair turn into Terminal Hairs? aka, can Peach Fuzz turn into Thick Dark Hairs?

Short answer, yes it can.

Long answer, not in the way you think.

Hormonal changes in the body are what cause Vellus Hair to turn into Terminal Hairs. So think about when you went through puberty. The hairs on your arms, underarms and legs all got thicker and longer. This is them changing for the fluffy peach fuzz vellus into real life terminal hairs.

Hormonal health issues can also cause the Vellus Hairs to turn into Terminal Hairs, such as PCOS. Also when you go through pregnancy, after birth and that fabulous time of menopause, you will notice these terminal hairs too. The hormone testosterone is responsible for this happening. And all of these factors listed have your testosterone levels bouncing around. Causing this increase.

If you don't believe me and would like to have a look at real life medical blogs discussing this exact topic, you can view them HERE and HERE .

After all the yabbering on, lets get down to the crux of the issue. If you have vellus hairs (peach fuzz) on your face, and you want to remove it by waxing etc, the actual removal of the hair WILL NOT cause it to come back as a dark strong terminal hair. And removing some terminal hairs won't make extra grow back in its place.

So, if you want to remove some chin hairs, or want the sides of your face smooth to apply foundation better, add it to your next brow appointment. and give a big middle finger to those telling you otherwise.

TL;DR - Its bullshit, book that appointment girl!

PS: If you're on the Sunshine Coast and looking to have some facial hair removed, I can easily add this to your Brow and Lash Lift appointment. Just let me know!

Until next time,


Lust Aesthetics Owner and All Around Waxing Superstar.


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