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What On Earth Is Reusing Wax?!

Hey babes!

Its Kim, your trusted Beauty Therapist on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.

On today's episode of gross things you didn't know about the Beauty Industry, we are discussing Reusing Wax. Yep, it's exactly as it sounds *cue vomit*.

This is one of those things where the standards set by the Queensland Government, just don't match up to Best Practice.

If you have a look at the Infection Control Guidelines for the Queensland Beauty Industry (link here: ) on Page 16 Section 3.5 you'll see that, legally, a Waxing Salon can strain used Wax and reheat it and use it on another client.

That's right, your Brow Wax could have been leftover from someones Brazilian, think about that for a moment.

Here at Lust Aesthetics, we are Proud to say that we will NEVER EVER EVER strain and reuse wax. We have impeccably high standards, and we just could not do that to you.

So, maybe next time you go in for a wax, check out whether your therapist is putting your wax straight into the bin, or into another container and saving it for later!

Or better yet, skip or the kerfuffle and come see us!

Until next time!

- Kim

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