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Pregnant? Lactating? Changed the Pill?- Hormonal Changes Affecting Your Beauty Treatments.

Hey Hey!

It is me, Kim, your fave Late Night Beauty Therapist on the Sunshine Coast QLD!

I want to quickly chat about how hormonal changed can effect your Beauty Treatments.

If you are pregnant and noticed you have a spike in how beautiful and thick your hair is, you're not alone! Your body is working hard on creating a human (and milk for a human), and producing a lot of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This in turn makes your body go "GROW ALL THE THINGS!!!", including your head hair, body hair, lashes. So that's all growing quicker (with a bigger turn over in the case of lashes).

You will find similar things happen when you're lactating or even new to the Contraceptive Pill or have changed your Contraceptive Pill/Device recently. Because remember, the whole point of the Pill is to change your hormones and ovulation so your body thinks you are pregnant, so you don't actually get pregnant. Therefore, you'll find a lot of these same side effects happening to you. Fun Right?! The good news is, this tends to die down after a while, and your body adjusts.

Anyway, the point of this ramble is, because of this increased hair growth and turnover, you may find treatments such as Lash Lifts and Extensions dropping or growing out quicker. Tints not lasting as long due to increased hair growth. And of course, the fun part, becoming A LOT Hairier than normal.

So you may need to step up the waxing to 3-4 weekly to maintain brow shape, smooth Brazilian areas or even silky underarms.

Because everyone is so different in their production of HGH and the rate of hair growth, there is no magic formula for how often you should visit for waxing, lashes, etc. I am happy to give you approx guidelines after assessing your hair type, but I'm always happy to adjust appointments as needed :)

Until next time!

- Kim

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