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Brow Shaping For Your Face Shape

It's Kim from Lust Aesthetics, your Brow Expert on the Sunshine Coast!

Why do we do different shaped Brows for each client that comes through our door?

It's pretty simple really.

💛 Every #LustBabe is different, so that's why we take a personalized approach with each client, including an in depth consultation prior to any treatment.

Before you lay down to be pampered, we assess your face shape, how far apart your eyes are, strong features such as cheekbones or nose, your colouring of skin and hair and of course, where the natural Brow Growth is.

If we did the same Brow shape and colour on everyone, some would come out amazing, and some... well, not so amazing. Hence why it has to make sense on your particular face.

💛You deserve to see a Brow Specialist who has your unique style and individuality in mind.

Until next time #LustBabes, stay sassy!


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