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Always Using Best Practice For Beauty Treatments!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Hey Babes!

Its Kim, your fave Late Night Waxing & Beauty Therapist on the Wonderful Sunshine Coast!

Just having a chat today about your health and safety during a Beauty Service.

Did you know in Queensland, there is no Health and Safety Requirement for the Beauty Therapist to use gloves when waxing?

I know what you're thinking, thats disgusting!

But its true!

I trained at a wonderful Beauty Academy in Maitland, NSW. The standard health and safety law in NSW is that, yes the therapist must wear gloves during a treatment. Sadly, Queensland is a bit behind in the Health and Safety stakes.

Why is this a big deal you ask?

When you receive a Waxing Treatment, with Strip Wax especially (The wax used for legs) but even with Hot Wax (the wax I use on your Brows), we are removing a tiny layer of skin with the wax. Think of it like when you exfoliate your skin. You wouldn't exfoliate your face, go touch a bin, then rub your hands all over your face would you? There is also the chance, especially in areas of course hair, that waxing can create a bleeding wound. Which if I wasn't wearing gloves, then put my hands over where you're bleeding, you can very easily get an infection.

Even with stringent hand washing, the hands are one of the most germ infested places on the body,its very easy to subconsciously touch something that is dirty after washing your hands. Do you really want to risk that? When best practice dictates that your Therapist should wear disposable gloves, thus significantly lowering that risk.

Anyway, that's my little rant for today. Something for you to think about. Don't be afraid to insist on telling your Therapist to put some gloves on when they perform your treatment. It's for your sake after all.

PS: I'll probably write a few more little blogs in the future letting you know about some other Best Practice scenarios for you, the consumer to keep an eye out for.

Toodle Oooh for now Babes,

- Kim xx

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