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Oh Hey There!

Just stopping by to introduce myself to those I haven't met yet :).

❤I'm Kim, I am the Owner & Brow Artist behind Lust Aesthetics.

👌I started Lust for a few reasons: 💛 I was sick and tired of Beauticians ruining my Brow shape - which in turn would throw my whole face out by looking surprised! Most places I visited wouldn't take the time to have a thorough look at my Brows to see there is gaps throughout, so if they took the wrong hairs away, I'd end up with very thin and high brows.

💛 It was really hard for me to find appointment times where I didn't have to take my child with me. Not exactly relaxing getting a Brazilian with a tiny human.

💛I didn't like feeling like just "another customer". I'm a social person and craved that adult interaction that I'd been missing being at home most days.

💛 I wanted to create a salon that is less intimidating than the rest. I'm not sure about you, but most days I'm rocking comfortable clothing and a natural face. But I'd go into salons with these beautiful beautiful dolled up women (go them by the way for putting in the effort, I'm super jelly), and I would feel like I didn't fit in, or wasn't "glam" enough to go there.

💁So I created Lust. A professional, yet relaxed home based waxing & beauty salon, where you can visit after the kids are in bed for a pamper session. I truly listen to your desires about how you'd like to look, and do my best to achieve those expectations (or work on a plan with you towards getting there).

🙌If any of this sounds like what you are craving from a salon, please get in touch. I'm always happy for a chat and to answer any questions.

📲0477 567 711 🌐 💌Facey: Lust Aesthetics 📷Insta:

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