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Don't touch your lashes!

It's Kim, your friendly neighbourhood Beauty lady in the Sunshine Coast!

Just a quick blog post about touching your lashes after having a Lash Lift done.

The more you touch your lashes, the more they will drop and not last!

I know you want to go around, fluttering those lashes and setting hearts a fire as long as you can. Because lets face it, everyone feels better and on fleek when you have your Lashes Lifted!

I know it can be tempting to sit there and play with them to see if they still reach the heavens. But please for the love of Lashes, leave them alone! All thats going to happen is your lashes will drop, but you'll still have to wait to get them redone (otherwise you can over process them and wreck their condition - but thats another blog post).

Let those babies stay lifted as long as possible!

- Kim x

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