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Your Consultation Prior to Treatment

Brow Artist - Kim here from Lust Aesthetics on the Sunshine Coast.

I've been told by clients lately, that they've never had a consultation prior to a wax before. I'd like to let you know why here at Lust Aesthetics this is important to us.

Firstly, to go through your Client Information Form. There could be factors on here that must be discussed prior, such as using products that thin your skin and how that effects waxing in that area.

Secondly, we like to get an idea of what your expectations are from your treatment. There's no point us giving you what we deem as ideal, but you feel disappointed. For example - we give you a thick brow when you wanted a thin brow.

Thirdly, We love our clients here at Lust Aesthetics. A bit of casual conversation prior helps us get to know you more, and gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns prior and let you feel through the process.

So there you have it, it's really as simple as that. One little conversation can make the world of difference.

- Kim

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