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Insta Brows - Before and Afters!

Hi #LustBabes, It's Kim from Lust Aesthetics, your Brow and Waxing destination on the Sunshine Coast!

I thought I'd write this Blog post after scrolling through Insta this morning, looking at #BrowPorn (as you do haha). One thing that is very noticeable in the Before & After Brow pictures, is you are only seeing what is deemed to be "perfect" brows. And what makes the artist or whoever is posting the pics, look the very best. Not many photos are shown of the months of progress in between, which just sets the general public up with false expectations.

What we like to show through Lust Aesthetics is brows through the transition period, so you can see as it happens, the good, the bad, and the regrowth stage. Which is more helpful in setting expectations.

If you have Brows that have had a lot removed, or are far from your ideal shape, it is going to take a lot more than one session to get them perfect. However, You can always use cosmetics in the mean time to give the illusion, so all is not lost.

So, lets keep that in mind while scrolling Insta, not everything is as it seems!!!

Until next time #LustBabes

- Kim

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