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Don't pluck above your Brows! And other Old Wives Tales...

Kim from Lust Aesthetics here! Your Local Brow Expert on the Sunshine Coast.

When you were younger, did your mum ever say to you, "Don't let them wax above your brows", or "Don't pluck above your Brows"?

I always just went with the flow as I was 12 and mum knew best. I've asked her recently what the reasoning was behind that statement, and she couldn't tell me. "That's just what I was told". So basically someone along time ago said something, and it's just stuck.

I'd like to personally clear the air. You definitely need above your Brows to be tidied on the tops when shaping the Brow. You wouldn't only wax the left side of your leg would you?

Waxing above and beneath the Brow helps create the overall shape and gives a cleaner, neater look. But, of course, as with everything, some people have their preferences. So just tell us if you don't want certain areas waxed and we will leave them alone. It's your face after all!

I'd love to hear what old beauty wives tales you've heard, that you shake your head at now.

- Kim

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