Your Newest Fave!


This Brow Pencil is Super Easy to use! There is no need to be a skilled make up artist to get the hang of this pencil!

It features a microfine tip on one end, to create lifelike hair sized strokes, perfect for filling in any gaps in your brows!

The other end has a mini spoolie brush, to help blend out any harsh lines, because remember, the goal with this pencil is to make the filled in sections look like real brow hairs.

This pencil can also handle the Queensland heat, which means no makeup melting down your face. 


Available in Three Shades:

Muse #1  - Light is a cool tone for fair toned brows.

Muse #2 - Medium is a warmer tone for a bit more depth and perfect for any warmer brows.

Muse #3 - Dark is a cool deep tone for anyone wanting a bit more bang in their brows!

Goddess Brow Pencil

  • Due to the nature of these products and hygiene issues, returns are not available. If you have any concerns regarding which colour to pick, please reach out to me for a consult prior to purchase.