These concealer pots are perfect for:

*Highlighting the Brow Bone to create a POP to your brows.

*Can be used as a sparkle free highlighter and contour.

*Also amaxing at covering imperfections, redness and dark circles.

A little goes a long long way with these concealer pots!


Fox Cosmetics Concealer Pots are easy to use, water resistant and available in 4 easy to use shades.

#1 - light cool pink base

#2 - light warm beige base 

#3 - medium warm apricot 

#3 - cool deep chocolate brown 


A handy guide if you are a cool or warm base:

1 - Your vein colour on your wrist

- If they appear greeny colour than you are most likely a warm base.

- If they appear bluey/purple, you are most likely a cool base. 

2 - What jewellery suits you best?

- Gold, you are most likely a warmer underbase.

- Silver, you are most likely a cooler underbase. 



Concealer Pot