THE very best in 24-hour brow coverage!

These babies last and last and last!

Creating more of a filled in, bold brow look. 

Perfect for those who need more coverage than what a pencil can offer, or for those who love a bit more va-va-voom to their brows!

Drying down to a waterproof, soft powder finish, Fox Cosmetics Brow Butters are the ultimate brow accessory for those who are serious about their brows.


Available in 7 shades to suit everybody's needs. (Tips on how to tell your shade below).


Blonde Brow Butter is a light-toned/warm base

Auburn Brow Butter is a lighter-toned/cool base

Light Brown Brow Butter is a mid-toned/neutral base

Caramel Brow Butter is for a medium toned/warm base

Chocolate Brow Butter is a deeper toned/warm base

Medium Brow Butter is a deep-toned/warm base

Dark Brown Brow Butter is a deep-toned/cool base


To help pick a shade, you must first decide if youre a warm base or cool base. 

Two easy ways to figure this out:

1. Look at your veins in your wrist. 

If they appear a greeny colour - you are a warm und